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Here Active Listening

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Transform the way you hear the world with HERE ACTIVE LISTENING, the first in-ear audio system that gives you control over real-world sound.The Here Active Listening System includes this app and two wireless buds. Together, they enable you to adjust volume, use an equalizer, and apply effects and preset filters to the world around you. To use your buds, open the Here Active Listening app and follow the instructions to pair them with your phone. Don’t have the buds? Visit or follow the link in the app to join the waitlist and be part of the Here community.
VOLUME KNOBTurn the volume of the world around you up or down.
LIVE EQAdjust live bass, mids, trebs, and more with five EQ bands. Whether it’s an acoustic set, or a three-day music fest, personalize any live audio experience.
AUDIO EFFECTSAdd effects like bass boost, reverb, flange, echo, and more to live music.
FILTERSApply preset filters that enable you to “Tune In” and enhance what you want to hear or “Tune Out” any unwanted noise.